‘Cartoonist are like Tigers.. almost extinct” :P:P so HE is.. ONE of very few !! ;P

He is one of the most promising  Cartoonist of Bangladesh in recent time, working as a Asst: Editor & Cartoonist at ‘Unmad – the monthly satire magazine’. He also do sociopolitical cartoons for Star Magazine at ‘The Daily star’ News Paper.

with a cockroach and ink he is drawing his best to make a few strong strokes in the Blank pages of our society.

Syed rashad Imam has exhibited his work in several  expositions through the years including the 16th International Youth Visual Arts Exhibition 2009,
Unmad Cartoon Exhibition,
Protest Israel Attack on GAZA cartoon exhibition,
the Right to Health Cartoon and Painting Exhibition,
Car cartoon exhibition auto expo’08 , TIB Anty corrption exhibition in 08,09 and many more.
His Achievements:
1.    Editor’s Pick list award at the international cartoon competition by “HIMAL SOUTHASIAN.”
2.    Special Nomination award at ‘right to health cartoon competition’ by “SIDA”
3.    Special Mention award at Anticorruption cartoon competition by T.I.B.
4. cartooning award at 16th International Youth Visual Arts Exhibition 2009.

Cartoons are supposed to create tolerance,Humor always softens the atmosphere. Taking humor as a part of the job,  it is a cartoonist’s duty to point out the untold. And our’s  to take the selfcritisim and expand our narrow minds!!


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